Core: Balance Board Special Edition.
Tuesday, March 1st 6-6:45pm EST (Virtual)

Open to all.  This specialty class blends the best of both worlds: Precise core movements with the creativity of an - optional -  balance board.  Join guest co-coach Dan Galanto for a clever take on core exercises blended with the all-levels core exercises you expect weekly from Whitney Meza.  Bring your own board or follow the link below to build your own with household items.


About Dan

Dan Galanto is a fitness professional and current full time epidemiologist. In addition, Dan is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and author. Finding value in learning new skills and talents, Dan has constructed workshops like this and online tutorials to show clients just how capable they are of doing things they never thought they can do. 
If you can learn something new, you can show yourself just how capable you are."

About Whitney

Over the past 18 years, I have built fitness from the ground up for companies, designed cutting edge fitness and wellness programs, and coached over 500 individuals.  After spending countless hours deconstructing lifestyle roadblocks, I realized what was lacking was the consistent ability for communities to move together and interact together.  I developed The Wellness Blueprint to deliver the experience of health, community, and empowerment to your home, office, and life.

Founder of Wellness Blueprint.