Balance Board Basics:
Dan Galanto

Staying active at home isn't easy.  This workshop makes moving fun again by channeling your inner kid while giving you party tricks in the process.  Watch the HOW-TO'S to build your balance board with household items and upcoming workshops and class collaborations will answer board building questions and teach you the cool kid basics of use. We'll learn a new skill together.

Local to Boston and need a board deck?

Hit us up.  We'll have a deck ready for you curtesy of Highwater Skateboards and other local friends. 

Open to members and non-members as part of our core class schedule.

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About Dan

Dan Galanto is a fitness professional and current full time epidemiologist. In addition, Dan is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and author. Finding value in learning new skills and talents, Dan has constructed workshops like this and online tutorials to show clients just how capable they are of doing things they never thought they can do. 
If you can learn something new, you can show yourself just how capable you are."