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Gym To Walls: 


Your 4 week progressive series.

Click below for info on our upcoming January Fitness-Focused Series

Who is this for?

  • Short answer:  Probably You.

  • Anyone serious about upleveling their climbing game whether that's scaling from V3-V4 or looking to prevent injury while breaking into the 5'13's.

  • Casual climbers welcome.  This will give you the grip strength, technique, and head game to turn daunting into doable.

  • Veteran climber?  You've probably skipped a few gym workouts in your day and here's the programming, structure, and planning specific to you.

What's Included:

  • $50: A full virtual fitness assessment and intake.  Start with a goal.  Leave with a plan.

  • $400: 4 virtual coaching sessions to work directly with a climbing coach.  Expect weekly climbing/fitness training plans that are built for you.

  • $120: Weekly group workouts focused on climbing and fitness

  • $40: Fitness equipment mailed to your door for the group workouts and your home training

  • $25: Nutrition For Athletes live workshop to get that nutrition on-point.

  • $50: A free membership to Wellness Blueprint's full classes (think HIIT, core, and yoga to foam rolling and agility training.)

  • Priceless: Custom training knowledge that you can take with you into send season and the rest of your training life.

Full Program: $300
(Come on, did you really think we would charge you the full $685???)

Meet Your Coaches:​​

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 12.09.34 PM.png

Whitney Meza

(The Climbing/Fitness Coach)

I was never a climber and fell in love with it through working with some of the best coaches in the metro-Boston area.

I've trained over 500 individuals for sports and climbing-specific activities and love to work with nubes as much as the pros.

I'm Climbing Wall Instructor certified through AMGA and have launched climbing/fitness training programs and climbing/fitness facilities.

I am also the founder of the Wellness Blueprint and am so happy you found us.

Questions or general inquiries? Please don't be shy.


Jon Scott-Mullen

(The Climbing Curriculum Coach)

After discovering climbing in 2018, it became my passion. Finding every bit of free time to go to the gym was my only goal, and applying for every job opening. After the shutdown of the Pandemic, I was hired as a facilities team member part time, and slowly worked my way up through the ranks of Brooklyn Boulders Somerville (now Boston Bouldering Project). I started coaching and instructing in the summer of 2021, working with all ages and all skill levels. At the end of 2022 I started routesetting and I started my journey of becoming an outdoor instructor. I am AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor and SPI certified. I specialize in working with beginners, younger clients, and anyone who might need a little extra patience.


Madi Scott-Mullen

(The Climbing/Fitness Coach)

I am a climbing coach, a group exercise instructor, and a PhD student in chemistry at MIT.


I am AMGA SPI Certified. I have an extensive athletic background, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of human movement. I played competitive soccer for 11 years, competing at the Olympic-development level during my adolescence. My interests later shifted to endurance running, rock climbing, kickboxing, yoga, and meditation. Experimenting with different ways to connect with my own body prompted me to obtain my ACE group fitness instructor certification, accredited meditation teacher certification, a cardio kickboxing instructor certification, as well as an accredited 200 hour yoga teacher certification. I now facilitate a space for others to develop their mind-body connection.

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