Fitness and Wellness Solutions For Businesses

The Wellness Blueprint designs custom

wellness programs for innovative workplaces and

their employees in the metro Boston area.


We deliver precise, and thoughtful wellness solutions for complex organizations and humans.


Every plan is custom to you and your company's goals.  We have the most diverse and comprehensive package offerings for businesses.  We track your metrics and constantly evolve to ensure success.  We bring classes and programs you will want to join and collaborate with wellness rockstars to refresh your experience.


  • What We Offer

    Yoga and Pilates


    Customized Group Fitness

    Personal and Small Group Training

    Nutrition Guidance

    Lecture Series

    Interactive Education Series

    Wellness Challenges

    Don't See It?  We Can Build It

    A Deeper Dive

    Operational Consulting

    Competitive Needs Analysis

    Personnel Recruiting and Training

    Wellness Programming

    Fitness Class Program Design

    Workshops and Mentorship for New Coaches


Our work is more than building healthy bodies and minds. It’s about building your employees to be their best selves for their job, relationships and community while bringing the playground to you.