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Rachel DeSimone Yoga

Rachel DeSimone is pending 300-hour certification through Chakra Power Yoga. She focuses on strength, alignment, and breathing in all of her classes. Her sequences lead to a peak pose or focus on particular parts of the body and have lots of flow. It's important for her to explain to her students why they are doing something and how it helps to get to where they are going so that they can build an understanding of the practice.

She has a bright and positive presence and she loves to have fun in class, reminding people to shake things off and smile!

Panama-born Essdras Suarez founded the VisYoga™ physical conditioning system in 2008 after practicing yoga and several styles of martial arts for a number of years.

He was first introduced to the martial arts in 1988 and to Ashtanga yoga in 1995. He is certified as a martial arts instructor, Personal Trainer, and he also holds numerous certifications such as “barefoot- training", TRX system instructor, and as a body- weigh- exercise-training instructor to name a few.

Essdras is a believer the human body is designed for motion and that movement is life. And the first step towards becoming a healthy individual is to get moving.

After earning her blackbelt at a young age, Chelsea started on her path to becoming a

kickboxing and martial arts inspired fitness instructor. She is certified through ACE, Les Mills,

and ISCA and is currently completing her Precision Nutrition Coaching certification

Val first discovered yoga in 2009 and it immediately allowed her to feel more at home in her mind and body. Her professional background in clinical social work was a natural complement to the yoga practice and has helped her to address the psychosomatic aspects of wellness. She teaches an invigorating and creative class while keeping strong alignment and using deep core engagement to move on the mat and in life. Val's classes will challenge you in a dynamic and fluid way while providing opportunities to safely advance your practice. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at South Boston Yoga in 2013 and has since done numerous workshops and advanced asana training. She will always remain a student first and foremost. Her teaching and practice is informed by a variety of things: asana, martial arts, animal locomotion, weightlifting, rock climbing running, spiritual practices, psychotherapy

Jeff Siegel M.Ed, is a health coach, personal trainer, and mindfulness teacher helping people upgrade their habits and improve their wellbeing. He teaches meditation at Harvard University and holds Master's degrees in Mind & Brain Education and Applied Buddhist Physiology. When he's not teaching, you can catch him rolling around in grassy Somerville parks and grilling on the patio.

Fen Tung is a co-founder and Fitness Director for BollyX. In addition, she is a NASM-CPT, AFAA-GFI, ISCA Master Trainer, STOTT Pilates certified instructor who has been training for over 17 years. She believes that each day is a new opportunity to do something good for your health. It’s not about perfection but about giving it your best.

David is a highly-respected fitness professional who is passionate about leading people to fitness and a pain-free life through smarter training, healthier nutrition and a stronger mindset. Beginning his career in 1999, David has helped thousands of people get fit including celebrities, professional athletes, military personnel & law enforcement and those with special needs. He has established himself as the expert people in Chicago go to see when they have pain and injuries and nothing else seems to help.

David is one of Chicago’s only certified TACFIT instructors and believes in the power of continuing education, staying current with new fitness techniques, and has the privilege of working alongside a network of mentors and colleagues among the top fitness minds in the world; including Scott Sonnon, Avi Nardia, Sapir Tal, Summer Huntington, Sonie Lasker, Mark Wildman and Leo Savage to name a few.

Sophia is currently a Pole and Exotic dance instructor at RI Pole Space in Lincoln RI. She has over 15+ years of dance training, and is an experienced Burlesque and Drag performer within the Boston performance community. Her classes are geared towards providing a safe space for anybody to discover or reignite their self love and sensuality.

A collegiate football scholarship allowed me to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, emphasizing in teaching/coaching. During those years, rehabilitation from two knee surgeries enlightened me with personal experience and knowledge in corrective exercise, as well as the importance of injury prevention. The display of positive attitudes and eagerness to improve is what motivates me to consistently discover innovative ways to push individuals towards their goals.

Jason Denham has been training in movement for many years which has culminated in a few offerings and some experience that he shares with practitioners of all walks. He began his journey as a Wilderness instructor & Lifestyle Coach backpacking youth in the woods for 4 years. He has been an RYT200hr Hatha Vinyasa Fluid Yoga teacher since 2017. A Mat Pilates Instructor since 2018. Jason is also studying Personal training as well as Active Isolated Stretch Therapy. He also teaches at Brooklyn Boulders. Jason is in his 5th year of recovery and is the Event host for NamaStay Sober which meets once a month at Brooklyn Boulders for our Sit & Scale event.

Dan Galanto is a fitness professional and former epidemiologist. Dan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Exercise Physiologist, author, and teaching workshops and continuing education to personal trainers. Finding value in learning new skills and talents, Dan as constructed workshops like this and online tutorials you can find on his “Learn the Things” YouTube Channel. If you can learn something new, you can show yourself just how capable you are.

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Sophie Lyons is a certified 200hr Kripalu Vinyasa Teacher and Level II Certified Reiki Healer. Sophie is currently working towards earning her BA in Holistic Psychology and Wellness at Lesley University (expected May 2021) as well as her MA in Mindfulness Studies (expected May 2022). Her area of focus specializes in yoga therapy; eating disorder recovery, trauma, and addiction. She encourages her students to take care of themselves on a holistic level and honor their bodies, while also getting out of their comfort zone. Sophie’s classes hold a combination of mindful breath and movement, functional mobility and holding space to just be. Sophie teaches people what feels good in her own practice; It’s weird and funky and not always necessarily a conventional “flow”, but is functional, restorative, and speaks to the body.