Waist Up and Booty Down


Connor Waggoner

1 Hour

50/50 split: Waist Up supersets body weight exercises to give you a well-rounded upper body and core workout with a hit of cardio. End at 30 or join Booty down to focus on your largest asset, hamstrings and quads with a healthy dose of cardio to round out your workout.  Commit to 1 or both classes for a total body torch-out.  Always all-levels.

Optional Tools:

1 dumbbell and a low stool

Boot Camp


Whitney Meza

1 Hour:

20 minutes of lower body strength, 20 minutes of upper body strength, 20 minutes of core:  This class delivers a well-rounded workout with minimal equipment.

Equipment Needed: a bench or chair, a towel, and dumbbells (if you have them)