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Master your movement:
Parkour Generations Boston

We are stoked to partner with Parkour Generations Boston to host all-levels workshops in the Boston area.

What the heck is Parkour?


All-Levels Low Impact Class

Sunday, October 16th


Somerville High School, MA


A class designed for practitioners of all experience and fitness levels (age 14+). Beginners looking for an introduction to parkour, experienced practitioners looking for a structured training session, and everyone in between are all welcome! Classes will include a combination of instruction in the basic movements and techniques of parkour, conditioning and strengthening exercises aimed at general fitness and the long-term practice of parkour, and a combination of exercises, routes and drills with the aim of providing a great (and fun) workout for any fitness level. All classes are taught by ADAPT certified coaches.

This specialty class will include a 15 minute stretch at the end.


Parkour Generations Boston was founded in 2012 as a branch of Parkour Generations Americas and is based in Somerville, Massachusetts. PkGen Boston runs classes and workshops for all ages and abilities throughout the New England region, working with a variety of municipalities, community organizations, schools, private companies, and individuals. 

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