Mobility Express (hip focus): with Lauren Copeland

15 Minutes


An approachable way to nourish your movement.  This class is perfect for non-committal stretchers and will leave you ready to tackle a mountain lion or your marathon Zoom meetings.  April will focus on hip mobility to get you ready for spring biking, hiking trails or your next round of Zoom meetings...This class focuses on hips.

30 Seconds

Use a box and a bar or wall to stretch the side body (IT bands, hips, obliques, lats, and shoulders).


Side, Hip & Shoulder Stretches with 
Eli Goodman

Sandbag Back, Hamstring, Shoulder Stretch with 
Eli Goodman

2 Minutes 

Use a sandbag or something, mindfully, heavy to stretch your back, lats, and hamstrings more deeply.

Foam Rolling Basics
Whitney Meza

10 Minutes 

This basic foam rolling demonstration will hit the major areas for virgin rollers or pros who'd like a refresher or added guidance.

Mobility Flow for Runners with 
Whitney Meza

1:30 Minutes 

ENTRY STRETCH: initial squat with lean back. Progress to flow as needed.

This condensed stretch sequence targets the areas that we crush when we run - including loving up your plantar tendon.

Computer-Bound Athlete Quickie with 
Whitney Meza

1:30 Minutes.

Quick hip, back, shoulder release sequence.

Dynamic Warm-Up with 
Whitney Meza

1 Minute.

Balance, dynamic movement, mobility for your entire body with a focus on mid-upper back and hips.