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For Somerville Residents:
10 Day
Unlimited Membership

A fresh perspective on your training. 

Test-drive 10 days with us.

What you'll get:

The Cadillac fitness membership experience.

All access to everything:

  • $0 for 10 days (for new members)

  • A 15 minute call with the founder to get the best bang for your time with us.

  • Attend all the live virtual classes your heart desires

  • Try out a variety of on-demand classes or workshops (think juggling to climbing to obstacle race training)

A limitless fast-lane approach to building or progressing your fitness routine.

Bring your fitness goals and we'll outline a plan for unlimited progress.

Sommerville Coaches
Whitney Meza CEO

Meet your coach and founder:

Whitney Meza

Thank you for finding us.

Over the past 20 years, I have built fitness from the ground up for companies, designed cutting edge fitness and wellness programs, and coached over 500 individuals.  After spending countless hours deconstructing lifestyle roadblocks, I realized what was lacking was the consistent ability for communities to move together and interact together.  I developed The Wellness Blueprint to deliver the experience of health, community, and empowerment to your home, office, and life.

We get your ass out of the chair, meet you where you are, and host fitness classes and wellness initiatives to break down the barriers of “I should but I can’t.”  We deliver the 3rd pillar of your health trifecta of personal and interpersonal support.

I’m Whitney, the founder of The Wellness Blueprint. 
I invest in people and invite you to invest in yourself.
(I also really, REALLY love soft, under baked bread.)

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