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A blueprint is a platform for a reality yet to come. When we train together, we build something together. And when we build together, we create a community of high-performing humans who give more to their careers, their relationships, and to the world.

Fitness Classes

We deliver health and joy.


Fit Together: 

Invest in yourself.  Invest in your community.  Invest in the future.  We make fitness accessible to everyone.  The choice is in your hands.



Forge Human Connection:

Sweating is more fun with friends. Our programming keeps you on your toes, challenges you, and strengthens your connection to those around you.

Remix Everyday Play

Take a new approach to old routines, because monotony kills motivation. 



Join us in creating a community of high-performing humans who give more to their careers, relationships, and the world.

Meet Whitney Meza

Thank you for finding us.

Over the past 22 years, I have built fitness programming from the ground up for companies, designed cutting edge fitness and wellness programs, and coached over 800 individuals.  After spending countless hours deconstructing lifestyle roadblocks, I realized what was lacking was the consistent ability for communities to move together and interact together.  I developed The Wellness Blueprint to deliver the experience of health, community, and empowerment to your home, office, and life.

We get your ass out of the chair, meet you where you are, and host fitness classes and wellness initiatives to break down the barriers of “I should but I can’t.”  We deliver the 3rd pillar of your health trifecta of personal and interpersonal support.

I’m Whitney, the founder of The Wellness Blueprint.

I've trained competitive: climbers, ultramarathoners, cyclists, skateboarders, powerlifters, obstacle racers, skiers, tennis players [insert your sport]. 


I've worked with cancer survivors, grandparents, young adults, pregnant and postpartum parents.
I invest in people and am honestly here to learn more about you.
(I also really, REALLY love soft, under baked bread.)

Whitney Meza CEO

Street Cred

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