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We believe in fitness designed for all. Not only do our instructors offer diverse and eclectic programming, but we offer a flexible payment structure that prioritizes getting you moving.


This Month:
Join The Reboot

$100 for a 3 month immersive membership to get you to your goals faster.

Open to current and new members.


Our Model

Instructors First

Without our diverse group of talented instructors, our business sure would have a hard time getting anywhere. That's why we prioritize paying our instructors, with your contributions going right back to them. 


Classes can be joined on a whim, and range from $7 -$15 depending on the length of the class. Ad hoc payments (which go straight to our instructors) can be made via Venmo.


P.S. Your first class is free


Blueprint Membership

$95 / month

The start of a badass foundation. The Blueprint Membership includes unlimited live and on-demand classes, along with an ever-growing list of membership benefits specific to you.



  • Unlimited Live Classes

  • Unlimited On-Demand Classes

  • 30 Min. Personal Training Session

  • Bring a friend for 50% off any event

  • 2 free classes to give to others per month

Basic Membership

$35 / month

Get unlimited access to our live classes and be first in line for upcoming events and workshops.



  • Unlimited Live Classes

Standard Membership

$50 / month

Get unlimited access to live classes and video on demand. Your contributions go directly to our instructors and refuel our movement.


  • Unlimited Live Classes

  • Unlimited On-Demand Classes

Design Your Own

$0 / month

Not in a position to pay for a membership? 

Use promo code JOIN to move with us and we'll work together on a plan that fits you best.

 Ad hoc payments accepted with Venmo, too.



  • Unlimited Live Classes

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