We are a collaborative ecosystem of fitness talent that is fueled by community involvement and contribution.​ We are 100% donation supported and all contributions are distributed weekly among the instructors.​ Donate what you can to support your health and our growing community.

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365 Strength: 15 minute workout with Essdras Suarez

15 minute full-body strength workout to stay on your path to fitness. Work out consistently for 15 minutes every day & Essdras coaches you towards tangible results. No equipment? None needed. Quick break at work? Perfect. Minimal space is needed & no jumping involved. This 15 minute class uses the atomic habits approach to physical fitness: Small changes consistently over time can transform our lives. 

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Power Pilates with Fen Tung

Power Pilates uses bodyweight mat and standing exercises to give you a complete core workout in 30 minutes.  In order to make any movement more powerful, you'll require a strong core. You’ll also improve your flexibility, alignment and posture.  


HIIT: Primal Movement with David Hardin

Break out of traditional muscle-bound fitness with this 30 minute all-levels strength and flow class that integrates bodyweight primal movement with the speed and agility of your traditional HIIT class.


Core with Whitney Meza

This all-levels class requires just your living room floor. Strengthen your abs & back muscles for improved posture & performance. We integrate pilates/yoga, & body-weight training into a circuit for your living room.

Cardio Kickboxing with

Chelsea Gazaille

This cardio kickboxing class will fire up your heart rate! With a mix of martial arts inspired and dynamic body weight exercises, this class will provide you with a comprehensive, full-body workout by incorporating agility and speed drills, multi-directional movement, and strength conditioning.
Grab some water and a towel. No boxing gloves necessary.

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Boot Camp for Runners with 

Dana Bogan


Love to run? Hate to run? Indifferent & looking to get stronger? This class is for you. Expect a blend of atypical boot camp exercises with activity-specific training for runners, & heart pumping cardio framed together with the sweat of a solid workout. Running is attainable for all & we can take it everywhere we go. We focus as much on strength as we do on endurance. This seasonal boot camp is tailored to building the strength & stamina for a strong running body. Bodyweight & Resistance used. 


Total Strength: Dumbbells, Books, Wine Bottles with Dana Bogan

This quick and dirty class is a creative approach to old-school strength training. Using your home gym equipment or repurposing your books and wine bottles, you'll receive a maximum burn for your muscles and enhance your bodyweight training in under 30 minutes. Equipment Needed: home weights or heavy books and wine/seltzer bottles.

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Yoga Flow Friday with

Lauren Copeland

This 45 minute yoga class eases you into the weekend with twists, chest, shoulder, hip openers, and balance work to ensure you fall down at least once. Expect to move with your breath and no experience necessary.

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Deep Stretch with Valeriya Rimer

A comprehensive approach to moving better: This 25 minute all-levels stretch class is designed to offset the Zoom mind/body fatigue and sink your body into deep, relaxing poses. Increase mobility, flexibility, and calm. Cap off your weekend and ease into your work week by giving back to your body. This class is mat-based and please bring a strap or a necktie, 2 tennis balls (or water bottle) for additional stretches.


Sultry Flow with Sophia Wasserman

A late night 45min break from isolation, to reconnect with your body and personal touch through, deep juicy sultry dance movements balanced with yoga postures. Non- carpeted floors required, either leggings or socks recommended, yoga mat optional. This class is accessible to all genders, all levels welcomed.


Strength and Agility with David Hardin

Hit all 3 windows of your biochemistry: anabolic, muscle-building, T catabolic, fat-burning, and the metabolic, energy-building window. Balancing high intensity workouts with active recovery, accelerate your nervous system, so not only will you be ready for peak performance, but your body will be operating more efficiently at rest. Animal flow meets TACFIT power stamina, & endurance.

Resist HIIT with

Dana Bogan

A blend of strength, cardio, power, and endurance: this class is a well-rounded ass-kicking using bodyweight and dumbbells (if you have them).  Expect an interactive, community-driven class with fresh formats weekly to keep you on your toes.  All levels welcome and, advanced apologies, you will sweat.

Butts 'n Guts with

Whitney Meza

This class is quick and dirty and focuses on two of our most functional and gorgeous muscle groups...
Expect a mix of bodyweight (and dumbbell optional) strength training exercises to give you a well-rounded core burner and a 360 approach to your largest asset.

Core & Barre Burnout with

Sophia Wasserman

Up-level your traditional core workout with this 45 minute class that integrates familiar core exercises with precise body-weight Barre movements. New to Barre? Expect a slow, delicious ass-kicking burn that will leave your abs and glutes burning for the foreseeable future.

Mobility Express with 

Lauren Copeland

An approachable way to nourish your movement.  This class is perfect for non-committal stretchers and will leave you ready to tackle a mountain lion or your marathon Zoom meetings.  April will focus on hip mobility to get you ready for spring biking, hiking trails or your next round of Zoom meetings...  Each month focuses on a specific stretch style or anatomical focus noted in the description.

VisYoga with

Essdras Suarez

VisYoga™ is an ever-evolving physical-conditioning system that blends principles of yoga, martial arts, personal training, isometrics, stretching and relaxation while keeping mindfulness and awareness. VisYoga™ emphasizes body awareness, core control, body mechanics and functional movements while minding proper breathing and alignment. VisYoga™ is a workout for your body and a break for your mind.