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We are a collaborative co-op of fitness talent that is fueled by community involvement and contribution.​ Your membership and all contributions are distributed weekly among your instructors.​


Payment models are approachable so we can design our community together.

Paid memberships get full access to live and on-demand classes

Boot Camp Conditioning Series: HIKING 

Boot Camp Conditioning Series: HIKING 

Programming designed specifically for fitness and outdoor athletes of all-levels: This class will make you sweat and prepare you for your seasonal or weekend adventure. Our hiking-specific programming is crafted to combine traditional strength and conditioning with dynamic cardio, and activity-specific movements that are fun and focused to meet your goal. This month's focus takes Kilimanjaro training into your living room by our coach Stephan who just completed the climb. Bodyweight only.

Power Yoga Class

Power Yoga Express with Rachel DeSimone

Strength meets restorative flow. This efficient 30 minutes will leave you sweaty, stretched, and stronger with time to shower before work.  Fast-paced flows meet slow, decadent, isometric strength holds to challenge those ready to crank their heart rate and offer deep stretches and mobility work to those looking to leave feeling restored and focused.

HIIT Class

Break out of traditional muscle-bound fitness with this 30 minute all-levels strength and flow class that integrates bodyweight primal movement with the speed and agility of your traditional HIIT class.

Core Classes

Core with Whitney Meza

This all-levels class requires just your living room floor. Strengthen your abs & back muscles for improved posture & performance. We integrate pilates/yoga, & body-weight training into a circuit for your living room.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing with

Chelsea Gazaille

This cardio kickboxing class will fire up your heart rate! With a mix of martial arts inspired and dynamic body weight exercises, this class will provide you with a comprehensive, full-body workout by incorporating agility and speed drills, multi-directional movement, and strength conditioning.
Grab some water and a towel. No boxing gloves necessary.

HIIT Class

HIIT Remix with 
Dana Bogan

This is a high-powered workout born of creativity, challenge, and fun. Engage your mind and body through a dose of cardio and strength, with a twisted side of burpees for good measure. Each week will bring a new format to keep you on your toes. Members can expect options to tailor the workout to meet your personal needs. Classes are all-levels and bodyweight. Bring your smile, bring your burpees.

Total Strenght Class

Total Strength with Whitney Meza

This quick and dirty class is a creative approach to old-school strength training. Using your home gym equipment or repurposing your books and wine bottles, you'll receive a maximum burn for your muscles and enhance your bodyweight training in under 30 minutes. Equipment Needed: home weights or heavy books and wine/seltzer bottles.

Yoga Flow Class

Yoga Flow Friday with
Rachel Tondreault

This 45 minute yoga class eases you into the weekend with twists, chest, shoulder, hip openers, and balance work to ensure you fall down at least once. Expect to move with your breath and no experience necessary.

Restorative Yoga Class

Slow Flow Restorative with Rachel Tondreault

This restorative mat based yoga practice that can be done from your floor, your bed, or any comfy surface on which you can spread out and take up space without restriction. While every class will be different, each class will incorporate mindful movement, breathwork, and somatic touch. Comfy, easy to move in clothing and props such as pillows, blankets, towels and cushions are recommended but not required. To prepare, think about setting yourself up for the best nap of your life.

Pole Dance

Sultry Flow with Sophia Wasserman

A late night 45min break from isolation, to reconnect with your body and personal touch through, deep juicy sultry dance movements balanced with yoga postures. Non- carpeted floors required, either leggings or socks recommended, yoga mat optional. This class is accessible to all genders, all levels welcomed.

Strenght and Agility Class

Strength and Agility with David Hardin

Hit all 3 windows of your biochemistry: anabolic, muscle-building, T catabolic, fat-burning, and the metabolic, energy-building window. Balancing high intensity workouts with active recovery, accelerate your nervous system, so not only will you be ready for peak performance, but your body will be operating more efficiently at rest. Animal flow meets TACFIT power stamina, & endurance.

Resist HIIT Class

Resist HIIT with

Dana Bogan

A blend of strength, cardio, power, and endurance: this class is a well-rounded ass-kicking using bodyweight and dumbbells (if you have them).  Expect an interactive, community-driven class with fresh formats weekly to keep you on your toes.  All levels welcome and, advanced apologies, you will sweat.

Online Fitness Class

Butts 'n Guts with
Laura Tabloski

This class is quick and dirty and focuses on two of our most functional and gorgeous muscle groups...
Expect a mix of bodyweight (and dumbbell optional) strength training exercises to give you a well-rounded core burner and a 360 approach to your largest asset.

Burn Out Fit Class

Core & Barre Burnout with

Sophia Wasserman

Up-level your traditional core workout with this 45 minute class that integrates familiar core exercises with precise body-weight Barre movements. New to Barre? Expect a slow, delicious ass-kicking burn that will leave your abs and glutes burning for the foreseeable future.

Mobility Express Class

Mobility Express with 

Lauren Copeland

An approachable way to nourish your movement.  This class is perfect for non-committal stretchers and will leave you ready to tackle a mountain lion or your marathon Zoom meetings.  April will focus on hip mobility to get you ready for spring biking, hiking trails or your next round of Zoom meetings...  Each month focuses on a specific stretch style or anatomical focus noted in the description.

15 min Full Body Strenght

15 Minute Strength Workout with Essdras Suarez

15 minute full-body strength workout to stay on your path to fitness.
Join when you can or join daily.  No equipment? None needed. Quick break at work? Perfect. Minimal space is needed & no jumping involved. This 15 minute class uses the atomic habits approach to physical fitness: Small changes consistently over time can transform our lives. 

Yoga Flow

Deep Stretch & Flow with
Lauren Copeland

Kick back, relax and let's end our day together with 45 minutes of bliss. This class is tailored for folks of any age and experience, with the intention to help you unwind from the work week. You can expect to flow through an approachable sequence that incorporates elements of stretching, mobility and gentle asanas (poses), as well as ending each class in savasana.

Foam Rolling Class

Guided Foam Rolling Juliette Reynolds

Looking for a space for a focused, restorative roll?  Join this 15 minute class that merges breathing and self-myofascial release with the guided precision of foam rolling. Increase your mobility, improve your tissue health, and deepen your relaxation response with this weekly, all-levels, 30 minute class.

Bootcamp for Climbers

Re-Boot Camp For Climbers with
Bill Frothingham

This fast-paced, circuit-style class is geared towards climbers and other movement athletes.  Using bodyweight, dumbbells (if available), and random household Items of the day (non-negotiable), expect creative movement patterns and a 45 minute class that is guaranteed to leave you sweaty and satisfied. Reboot your fitness for climbing or life.

Juggling Classes

Boot Camp Playground: JUGGLING
Dan Galanto

We know how capable you are. Do you? Sunday programming blends creative skill mastery with a traditional bodyweight boot camp. Think heart-pumping cardio meets bodyweight strength training packaged with the precise practice of juggling. Can you multitask like a boss? Bring your curiosity and 3 rolled up socks…

Injunry Prevention Class

Boot Camp Injury Prevention with Whitney Meza

This class is a fresh take on your strength & cardio training. Sign on for the best of both worlds: intricate mobility & stability exercises meet precise isometric strength training tied together with traditional heart-pumping cardio. This boot camp is a sneaky burner, open to all, & you will still leave sweaty with an enhanced understanding of how to optimize your movement for your sport or life.  Learn warm-up & cool-down sequences to apply to your own training. 1 towel.

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