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Our First Ever Personal Training Membership

Weekly Personal Training Sessions, Unlimited Live Fitness Classes, On-Demand Content, A community to show up for.

Space is limited.  Curiosity is Free.

Fun Fitness Group at Outdoors


Welcome to a fitness collective offering fun fitness classes, workshops, and events, and a team to get you moving. We are shaped by our community, with all contributions feeding directly back into our programming.

A blueprint is a framework for a reality yet to come.

When we train together, we build something together. And when we build together, we create a community of high-performing humans who give more to their careers, their relationships, and to the world.

Hint: Your first class is free.  Promo code: FIRSTCLASS

Our Foundation


Invest in yourself. Invest in your community. Invest in the future. We make fitness accessible to everyone, so that the choice is in your hands.

Forge human connection

Sweating is more fun with friends. Our programming keeps you on your toes, challenges you, and strengthens your connection to those around you.

everyday play

Take a new approach to old routines, because monotony kills motivation. 

"Whitney, and Wellness Blueprint have been a savior during the pandemic, helping me stay both healthy and sane. Her instructors make the experience feel like you're in the workout room with the rest of your classmates. Not an easy feat! I highly recommend Wellness Blueprint for your health and wellness needs!"

— Mark H.
Fun Activities for you

Our Instructors

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