Online classes, personal training, and a community that will lift you up so that you'll want to show up. We are 100% donation based to support the community that serves you.

We hear you. 

And we know what it's like to have your fitness routine turned on its head. To lack motivation. To feel isolated and alone. 


But we're here to tell you "hell yeah you can"

Wellness Blueprint has designed the tools you need to find your inner badass with a collective community to move you. 

"I should, but I can't"

Live and On-Demand Classes

18+ weekly body and mind classes that fit your schedule and budget

In-Person Events​


Trips and experiences that kick your excuses out the door

Personal Training

Blueprints designed just for you available in-person or online



Why You'll Feel Motivated

to Move

We Make it Accessible

We bring rocking experts with different personalities together to make it easy  to try new things. And our flexible co-op payment plans will align with your wallet. 

We Make it Easy to 


Our programming is designed help you connect with yourself and others. We know that fitness is more fun with friends so we're make an effort to help you meet a few.

We Remix Everyday Play 

We get your ass out of the chair, and  break down the barriers of “I should but I can’t”.  Monotony kills motivation, so we give you something that will shake up your daily routine.

How it Works

Decide what you want to pay

We suggest between $8 and $25 per online class. But it's up to you. Have something extra?  Pay it forward to someone who is struggling.



Book a class you want to try

Choose from different styles, personalities and schedules to align with your interests, aspirations, and your schedule. 


Hop in, get sweaty, and

enjoy the playground

Come as you are and leave feeling ready to conquer what's next. 

Our Classes

365 Strength: 15 minute workout with Essdras Suarez

15 minute full-body strength workout to stay on your path to fitness. Work out consistently for 15 minutes every day & Essdras coaches you towards tangible results. No equipment? None needed. Quick break at work? Perfect. Minimal space is needed & no jumping involved. This 15 minute class uses the atomic habits approach to physical fitness: Small changes consistently over time can transform our lives. 

Bodyweight Strength with Fen Tung

A 30 minute, bodyweight workout blending a variety of upper body, lower body and total body strength exercises. Low and high impact movements will be done in class with the options to modify. No equipment needed. All levels welcome.

Primal Movement Cardio with Jeff McMullen

Break out of traditional muscle-bound fitness with this 30 minute all-levels cardio class that integrates body weight primal movement flows with the speed and agility of your traditional HIIT class.
Equipment Needed: 1 bath towel

Be Moved
Ditch the fitness jargon and get actual information that will enrich your life.