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Spring Training Camp:
Personal Training and Group Fitness Membership.
A blueprint to your strongest summer.

$49/Week ($330 value)
Want a little extra support?  This is for you:


Customized 1:1 virtual personal training sessions

Daily and weekly workout schedules tailored to your goals.

Unlimited access to live and on-demand classes.


4 monthly 30 minute virtual personal training sessions.

Weight loss, sports-conditioning, activity-specific training, skill building, mobility work….

This plan will make all of your wildest fitness dreams come true....just in time for summer.

Open to first-time members

Current Member?

Step one:

  • Step One: Click here and sign up

  • Step Two: Schedule your first virtual personal training session with Ryann Bunting

  • Step Three: Ultimate bad-assery with Wellness Blueprint classes, events, skill-building workshops, and more.

What to expect:

You'll leave your first training session with a plan: classes to take, physical assessments to conduct, metrics to track, and supportive accountability from your Wellness Blueprint community to meet your summer goals.

Alex Wisch.jpg

They are a fresh graduate from National Academy of Sports Medicine and have a history as an athlete. They have cutting-edge knowledge in biomechanics and science-based training to get you to your goals faster.

How they'll help you:

  • Fitness programming specific to your body and goals.

  • Precise planning to keep you progressing.

  • Absurdly fun strength programs.

  • Cardio that doesn't suck.

  • Mobility exercises to nourish your body for long-term health.

  • Motivation and accountability.

  • Results in the fastest, most fun way possible.

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