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Private Coaching

You aren't "stuck" because you haven't found the right gym, meal plan, partner, career, spandex attire... You're not moving forward simply because of your brain.


Think of me as your fun, judgement-free lifestyle mentor and hilarious, muscular best friend.  Except I hold you accountable to eat the food, lift the weights, ask for the raise, and focus on your brain.

I have coached over 800 individuals and am a movement specialist at heart who gets a kick out of the human mind.

I've worked with competitive athletes, competitive laptop-users, cancer survivors, grandparents, young adults, pregnant and postpartum parents, those rehabbing injuries, and those allergic to a traditional gym.

How I Help You:

The Movement Side

Programs designed for you with movement screenings, body composition
work and lifestyle optimization tools

  • Accountability to execute

  • Motivation to continue

  • Planning for results

  • Sustainability to implement and keep your life badass

  • Fun.  Wellness shouldn’t suck

The Brain Side

You will learn how to struggle - hard - and be successful beyond what you thought was possible.  


You will learn how to manage your time, manage your emotions (fewer adult ice cream melt downs), how to surround yourself with the best people, and understand truly what you're worth and ask for it.  

My approach is tactile and involves concrete, sustainable lifestyle changes.

The Results

  • Lose weight

  • Gain muscle

  • Increase the wealth of your health and finances 

  • Truly enjoy time with loved ones - and keep up with them.

  • Design a life you want to show up for

  • Finally fit into that damn dress

You'll also get a decent night's sleep.

In therapy you lie down and in exercise you move your body and how can this connection tell you more about yourself?  


Are you interested in learning with me?  

Curiosity Is Free

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