Immersive Fitness: Streaming and In-Person


 Open Air Fitness
is back

This summer & fall: the open air is your group class space.  Weekly classes open to our community in Perry Park.   All bodyweight, scalable activities offered in our Somerville, MA parks.

Boot Camp Sundays through the end of October.

Specialty Class:
6 Pack Fusion:
Total Core | Pilates 

with Juliette Reynolds


This all-levels class will be the best 45 minutes of your life. Think powerful, bodyweight exercises merged with  slow, articulate movements. Always all-levels.  Brace your 6 pack (trust us, it's there somewhere) for this comprehensive class packaged to torch you in 45 minutes.

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Master your movement:
Parkour Generations Boston

All-Levels Low Impact Class

Sunday, October 16th


Somerville High School, MA


A class designed for practitioners of all experience and fitness levels (age 14+). Beginners looking for an introduction to parkour, experienced practitioners looking for a structured training session, and everyone in between are all welcome! Classes will include a combination of instruction in the basic movements and techniques of parkour, conditioning and strengthening exercises aimed at general fitness and the long-term practice of parkour, and a combination of exercises, routes and drills with the aim of providing a great (and fun) workout for any fitness level. All classes are taught by ADAPT certified coaches.

This specialty class will include a 15 minute stretch at the end.


Halloween Boot Camp with Madi Scott-Mullen


Perry Park, Somerville MA

Close down the outdoor season with us today.

Classic Boot Camp, wear a costume...or be lame and don't....and get your ass handed back to you with this bodyweight, 45 minute class. 

Breathwork For Health and Performance with Stephan Alheim

The concepts taught in this workshop are tools everyone can benefit from and, yes, I mean you! While the subject is simple, challenging your breathing with precise techniques is a game-changer when testing your physical and psychological limits.  In this workshop, you will learn the breathing exercises and techniques I used to summit Kilimanjaro, improve oxygen delivery, relax the mind and more! I will teach you three different tests to see how well you currently breathe, then how to improve your breathing.


Outdoor Climbing

Top Rope & Bouldering



Get outside with Wellness Blueprint's all-levels outdoor climbing excursions. Already a climber? Flex your skills and bridge the gap between indoor training and the real thing. New to climbing? Learn the basics with certified instructors and a supportive community.  No equipment?  We got you.  No climbing partners?  We got you.  No experience?  You get it....​
We cap at 15 participants
$30 per person.  Rentals included.

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