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45 Minutes:

We know how capable you are. Do you? This programming blends creative skill mastery with a traditional bodyweight boot camp. Think heart-pumping cardio meets bodyweight strength training packaged with the precise practice of juggling. Can you multitask like a boss?

Bring your curiosity and 3 rolled up socks…

Boot Camp
Playground: Juggling with
Dan Galanto



Dan Galanto Coach
Dan Galanto Coach

How to Juggle
Dan Galanto


2 Balls, one hand progression:


This short workshop will get you juggling with a 100% success rate. Learn hand-eye coordination and party trick skills from your living room.

Grab a few balls, socks, bananas, and join us.


Reverse Cascade Progression:


About Dan

Dan Galanto is a fitness professional and current full time epidemiologist. In addition, Dan is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and author. Finding value in learning new skills and talents, Dan has constructed workshops like this and online tutorials to show clients just how capable they are of doing things they never thought they can do. 
If you can learn something new, you can show yourself just how capable you are."

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