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4 Week Fitness Reboot

Customized Small Group Training



The 4 Week Series begins

Tuesday, January 16th 7-8pm EST 

Limited to 6 Participants

Motivation, coaching, nutrition, and customized weekly programming.
This series is designed to personalize your fitness programming with precise planning and exercises focused on your goals.  Start with a virtual group workout and leave with your weekly customized plan.

Who is this for?

  • Short answer:  Probably You.

  • Anyone who’s ready reboot their 2024 with personalized planning, accountability, and results.

  • Anyone who wants to shake up their workout with an intense 4 weeks that will challenge muscles you never knew you had.

  • Those newer to exercise and ready to dip their toes into results.

  • Athletes training for a sport who are ready for a focused plan.

  • Those who are too "busy and important" to truly stick to a program.

What's Included:

  • $50: A full virtual fitness assessment and intake.  Start with a goal.  Leave with a plan.

  • $300: 3 virtual coaching sessions to work directly with The Wellness Blueprint Founder as your coach. 

  • $250: Weekly group workouts focused on the individual and group's fitness needs.

  • $40: Fitness equipment mailed to your door for the group workouts and your home training.

  • $50: Nutritional guidance and a live workshop.

  • $50: A free membership to Wellness Blueprint's full classes (think HIIT, core, and yoga to foam rolling and agility training.)

  • Priceless: Custom training knowledge that you can take with you for life-long progress.

Full Program: $398

(Come on, did you really think we would charge you the full $740???)


Meet Your Coach:​​


Whitney Meza

Wellness Blueprint Founder

and Your Coach

I've trained over 500 individuals for sports and climbing-specific activities and love to work with nubes as much as the pros.

I've worked with cancer survivors, grandparents, young adults, pregnant and postpartum parents, athletes, and those rehabbing injuries.

I am also the founder of the Wellness Blueprint and am so happy you found us.

I invest in people and am honestly here to learn more about you.

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