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A fitness plan you'll want to show up for.

Serious Workouts.  Serious Results. Absurdly Fun People.

Get My Wellness Blueprint
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A Wellness Blueprint is a customized, science-based fitness and lifestyle plan we help you create and stick to.

✔️1:1 coaching for accountability and support
✔️ On-demand virtual classes for busy people
✔️ In-person group classes with our amazing and supportive community.

With fitness that feels like play, you'll want to show up for yourself every day.

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How would it feel?

For you to build your workout muscle.  Build your discipline.  Build confidence in yourself with a plan you’ll stick with because you actually enjoy it? 

To look forward to your life, to enjoy living in your body, and be in the best shape of your life with the trust that you can maintain it forever?

What if it was so absurdly fun that it felt effortless?

To have fitness classes that are so fun you want to get up early to go to them?
To have a nutrition
plan that's easy to follow because it fits with your lifestyle?
To belong to a supportive and fun community that makes getting fit feel like play?


Our Members:

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  • Customized workout plans

  • ​Weekly accountability sessions

  • Nutrition support

  • Absurdly fun workouts to make  sweating feel effortless

  • Convenient classes and on-demand content to move on your schedule​

  • A community of members you'll look forward to showing up with

  • We help you find and choose classes that are right for your interests and fitness level

  • We provide online options so you can try new things in the privacy of your own living room

  • Our community will make you forget that you're the new kid. 

  • A wide, playful, and focused variety       of classes including handstand 101,     balance board basics, obstacle-racing

  • Virtual and in-person options

  • Sport and activity-specific training  (or sweat and learn to juggle)

  • Loving accountability to keep your motivation high

  • Enjoy working towards your results.


like you?

Do you fetishize starting workout plans, hitting the gym 8 days a week, going vegan-keto?... Maybe you even start, but find yourself falling off the wagon within a few days or weeks?

You are not alone.
We deliver a supportive and realistic plan that you actually stick with...for life.

I'm new(er) to exercise (or an exercise virgin) and feel lost and scared.

Starting a new workout with new people can be mildly terrifying. You're not alone. Expect to feel welcome and supported every step of the way.

Would you rather clean your toilet than do a push-up?  We really hear you on this one.

We created Wellness Blueprint to bring back the joy and play of being active. We bring the playground to your life through our fitness classes. With us, you won't even know you're squatting 😉

The gym is soooo boring 
(I’ve never met a squat I liked).
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My friends suck and aren’t active

Branching away from the brunch tribe isn't alway easy.  Trust us, we're here to help you find your people.

Find your community to keep you active and provide support long after the workout is complete.

Get My Wellness Blueprint

Find your people with us:

  • Hiking buddies

  • Climbing partners

  • A coffee date post-workout

  • Someone to meet you for a bike ride 

  • A group of people to show up for your milestones (with or without the mimosas)

Street Cred

I worked with Wellness Blueprint to help me train for a virtual Peloton bike race against my investor who runs a fast 5 miles every morning - uphill, and is an overall far stronger athlete. 

WB programming kicked my butt into shape with a schedule that pushed me to my limits, and most importantly, supported me during the process.  

After two months - I went into the race with confidence, and won!  Looking forward to working towards my next (near) impossible challenge.

-Carolyn K.

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I tried multiple times to workout from home by myself, with videos, youtube, but couldn’t get myself to commit for longer than 2 weeks. When I started with Wellness Blueprint… first off, Ryann is GREAT! & they've been super helpful and willing to help me make the most out of my experience. Having live classes has been so helpful in improving consistency - once I schedule my classes I feel like I made a commitment not only to myself but to my instructor too. 

I’ve managed to exercise consistently for over a month, which was my main goal: to pick up the habit again.  My favorite class are HIIT classes, they’re a killer but very dynamic and fun. Expects tons of different burpee combinations. 

On a finishing note, the yoga classes & stretching have been super helpful to ease the soreness I get from working from home. I try to do this at least once a week and it’s been a game changer :)


- Valeria C.

Training with Whitney and the Wellness Blueprint has reconnected me with my body in a way that has been incredibly empowering. Not only am I meeting and exceeding my fitness goals, I’ve been given the tools to understand that transformation and recognize the conditions that make it possible.

I’m tuned in with what my body needs and wants, which has increased the quality of wellness in all areas of my life!

- Nick M.

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Our Classes

A Taste of Our Classes

Build Strength.  Choose From:

  • Classic Boot Camps

  • Dumbbell HIIT

  • Total Strength

  • Bodyweight Strength

  • Core and Pilates


Build Flexibility and Agility.  Choose From:

  • Primal Movement

  • Yoga

  • Stretch and Mobility

  • Injury Prevention

  • Foam Rolling and 

Cardio.  Choose From:

  • HIIT

  • Boot Camp For Runners

  • Kickboxing

Train For Your Sport.  Choose From:

  • Activity-Specific conditioning classes

  • Map out your training week for your sport

  • Examples: Boot Camp For Climbers, Runners, Obstacle Racers...

  • Conditioning For:  Winter Sports, Cycling, Hiking...

Fun and Build A Skill.  Choose From:

  • Balance Board Basics

  • Juggling Boot Camps

  • Boxing Technique

  • Zero To Handstand

Our programming is science-based and playful.

Get Started:

Something to consider:

What's the cost of not making a decision today?

Waiting can mean:

- More weight
- Worse sleep

- Delay in achieving what you want
- Decrease in performance

- Decrease in $$.  Going it alone is the most expensive way to grow
- Less quality time with loved ones

- Decrease in people stopping you in the street to ask how you got those gorgeous muscles or why you look so damn happy with your life

Not building your relationship with yourself.

Don’t put your health off for another day. 

Putting this off will make this so much harder to get where you want to be when you actually do start.  

What’s the cost of not making a decision today?  The time to start is now.

Get My Wellness Blueprint

Wait, but I'm a special snowflake and:

I travel all the time/have NO time.

with the ability to do in-person and virtual, you never have to miss a workout. When you're really busy, take your workouts on the road.


When you're home, join an in-person class without missing a (fitness) beat.

The best part about this membership?  It’s a lifestyle.  

I don't "do" virtual.

You don't have to with our in-person classes and events.

You might like to try virtual on especially busy days.  Test-drive the car. 


You won’t know until you try. Best case, you receive life-changing results and make some friends while you’re at it.  


Virtual is THE BEST insurance for those moments when life gets in the way of your progress.

I always fall off the wagon.  Why will this be any different?

We’re a one-stop shop for your new and healthy life.  Want a little extra support/motivation?  


Hop into a workshop or enroll in 1:1 coaching for results you can see, feel, experience.  


What if “falling off the wagon” was simply a part of being human and building your relationship with yourself?

I have an injury.

Our coaches are biomechanic experts and can work directly with your PT/OT's and build programming with your body in mind.

Meet the founder:

Whitney Meza

Thank you for finding us.

Over the past 22 years, I have built fitness programming from the ground up for companies, designed cutting edge fitness and wellness programs, and coached over 800 individuals.  After spending countless hours deconstructing lifestyle roadblocks, I realized what was lacking was the consistent ability for communities to move together and interact together.  I developed The Wellness Blueprint to deliver the experience of health, community, and empowerment to your home, office, and life.

We get your ass out of the chair, meet you where you are, and host fitness classes and wellness initiatives to break down the barriers of “I should but I can’t.”  We deliver the 3rd pillar of your health trifecta of personal and interpersonal support.

I’m Whitney, the founder of The Wellness Blueprint.

I've trained competitive: climbers, ultramarathoners, cyclists, skateboarders, powerlifters, obstacle racers, skiers, tennis players [insert your sport]. 


I've worked with cancer survivors, grandparents, young adults, pregnant and postpartum parents.
I invest in people and am honestly here to learn more about you.

(I also really, REALLY love soft, under baked bread.)

Get My Wellness Blueprint
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